Caricature from photo

Price list

for caricatures from photographs. One or two persons on one picture:

one person b/w caricature = 70 CAD
one person color caricature = 110 CAD
two persons b/w caricatures = 130 CAD
two persons color caricatures = 200 CAD

The fastest way to get a drawing from a photo – digital with email in 1-2 days or on paper 3 weeks with post:

  1. Please send only one photo for each person. When should I finish the picture? Please send me the exact date do you need the caricature. I will draw this picture as soon as possible and send this in 1-2 days with email digital or on paper with post.. Contact LEONARDO:
  2. I am sending a sketch. You check the sketch, If everything is fine, please transfer the amount via paypal. After the drawing is ready and I send the completed picture through email.
  3. You print the picture as large as possible. On thick paper 200-300 grams, in an excellent print shop in your area.
  4. This offer is only available to residential customers in Canada.

LEONARDO c/o Stark Union Bay, PO Box 266 Comox Valley, Vancouver BC.

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