LEONARDO PORTRAIT ARTIST – Examples from Portrait Paintings for clients in Victoria, Drawings for Weddings in British Columbia. in different Event Locations.

Live Portraits for VIP guests on trade fairs and meetings. Technique: with pencil. 7 minutes/ guest

Colored caricatures for color- and powerfull events. Technique: with ink & watercolor – or drawing digital on Tablet and send it direct to individual smartphones.

Groups pictures for company-anniversaries, familie-parties, Business-teams and happy new year cards.

Live portrait artist & caricaturist for special weddings, VIP cultural meetings and Union Club events. Extraordinary and special: I create a wedding gallery with funny pictures of your guests. 3-4 minutes per guest.

Shadow cut Silhouettes for specials on international fairs. Takes 10 minutes per guest.

Animal drawings & paintings & sculptures

Last work: caricatures from photo for a company anniversary:

Order live Caricaturist LEONARDO. Caricature with pancil, ink or color: live in 3-4 minutes.