Soul Portrait Painter LEONARDO

My Soul Portraits are paintings with intuitive style. I will draw and paint your Soul Portrait in connection with your spirit guide, a favorite verse or poetry, feelings and your photographs. Your individual Soul Portrait i will create with different materials, in watercolor, with symbols, numbers and words. You get your Soul Portrait Painting in 1-3 days as an digital picture by email and you print this by your own on strong paper. in Size A4 8 x 10″ or A3 11 x 16″. Also i can send this by post, but this need much more time.

You are interested in order your own Soul Portrait ?

Then let’s start us and send me all important details that i need:

  • your full name,
  • one actual photo of you or from the person you wish to order to
  • the birthday
  • a favorite verse or poetry, sent by your spirit guide
  • and buy your Soul Portrait according to your desired size

The artwork is created to give you guidance, energy and inspiration for your life. The Soul Portrait also includes a favorite verse or poetry that is important for your life or words, sent by your Spirit guides or one verse for your angelic believing life.


A4 – 08 x 10“- 140 CAD by email or shipping Handmade Soul Portrait

A3 – 11 x 16“- 230 CAD by email or shipping Handmade Soul Portrait

Important notes:โ€‹ I will create an Soul Portrait Painting for you and this will be on my personal style. I will do not make a real reproduction of photographs. I paint a soul portrait on my intuitive feeling and on messages.

Digital, send by email takes your SOUL PORTRAIT PAINTIG just 1-3 days, depending on my current work plan. You have your own Soulportrait directly for selfprint on A4 – 8×10″ or A3 – 11×16″. Send by post: it may take 2 to 4 weeks after the purchase to complete and send the Soul Portrait to you.